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Learn to drive with  Launceston School of Motoring

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This is the moment you are thinking of learning to drive. You are excited and possibly a little anxious and may be fearful. You can achieve your goal with determination and commitment.


You are on the verge of changing your life forever by getting your driving licence, and the most important lessons are not at the end near the driving test, they're right now! We will help you to create good driving routines, and it's these routines which will help you become a natural driver, making your test much easier.


You will be coached and instructed to monitor your driving, to identify areas yourself that need improving, and to analyse how you can achieve your goal.


You will also gain the skill and confidence to self-evaluate and develop your skills in risk-reducing behaviour and hazard perception.


You will be coached in the construction of mind maps, which will help you to identify learning triggers, assist you in identifying the problem that you are trying to solve, and help you to grasp the inner picture of good driving.


These learning tools will help you to continue safe driving after passing your driving test, and for the rest of your driving life.


After passing your driving test, why not improve your confidence with a three-hour motorway lesson driving on the M5 towards Bristol, or  a three-hour city drive in Plymouth?

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